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Lynne Vides Katz – “I am eternally grateful to Ruth Klein”

For 2 years I experienced overwhelm and a stuck state because no matter whom I consulted with, I was still blocked regarding defining my niche and my unique brand. After only 2 meetings , Ruth took me through an elegant process which magically elicited from me my very own authentic niche and brand!

OMG – Ruth’s lazer-like abilities honed in on drawing out the messages from my soul. I am moving forward unimpeded, at last! All my pent-up energies and messages are being released from my soul and are being channelled into one focused message in my upcoming book. I have so much purpose and vitality that I feel unstoppable!

I am eternally grateful to Ruth Klein for giving me permission to be free to be me, and to express my soul messages and lessons authentically in my new evolving book.

Lynne Vides Katz

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“I’ve been buried in business as a result of the many ideas you helped me put into place.”

- Dottie Jakobsen