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The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep

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The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep
by Ruth Klein

Selling is Everywhere! It takes sales to move products and services. Period! That’s why successful sales reps are worth their weight in gold. You just need to go to companies that depend on them and ask one question: What is a sales rep worth to you who increases sales every quarter with a minimum of cost? Across the board, they would get excited just imagining such a person in their company. Go ahead, ask!

The Everything Sales Rep Guide gives you the success tools to create better communication, focused marketing strategies and systematic selling approaches that work!

It’s the smartest buy this year for sales veterans, sales force managers, and for all those who want to sell products, services or themselves! Order your copy today!

Winning Secrets to a Successful — and Profitable — Career!

How would you like to wake up every morning ready and willing to go to work? IN fact, what if your work was more like play? What if you enjoyed your work day so much that you did not view it as work at all? What if you arose every day knowing that you were going to solve people’s problems and build relationships while doing so? Al of these options are available to you now — in a sales career!

Ruth Klein’s book, The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep, is a comprehensive how-to on being a successful sales rep — whether you are selling products, services or yourself!

The book includes: Top Ten Things Every Sales Rep Should Know.

Chapter 1: Selling is Everywhere
Chapter 2: Preparing Yourself in Sales
Chapter 3: Setting Goals
Chapter 4: Managing Your Schedule
Chapter 5: The Positive Mind
Chapter 6: Identifying Your Market
Chapter 7: Networking for Prospects
Chapter 8: What to Do When They Say No
Chapter 9: Building The Relationship
Chapter 10: Solving the Customer’s Challenge
Chapter 12: Who Are You to Your Customer?
Chapter 13: Marketing is Your Sales Engine
Chapter 14: Finding the Yes Factor
Chapter 15: Maintaining the Relationships
Chapter 16: Negotiations
Chapter 17: The Telephone as Friend or Foe
Chapter 18: Organization as a Success Tool
Chapter 19: Letting Others Know What You Sell
Chapter 20: Closing the Sale
Chapter 21: The Ethics of Selling
Chapter 22: Using the Internet to Bring In More SalesChapter 23: Tying It All Together

PLUS… For Your Use:

An 80-20 Prospect Sheet,
Customer Service Follow-Up Sheet,
Customer Call Follow-Up Sheet,
Daily Time Analysis Sheet,
Goal Sheet,
Sales Rejection Analysis Sheet.

PLUS… Helpful hints and information you need to know highlighted in EVERY CHAPTER!

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