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Ruth Klein’s Quantum Synchronicity®: Miracles, Manifestation & Money Mastermind

A special invitation for <NUMBER> high-achieving, heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches and Speakers who are ready to break through to their next level of success…

“Give Me 6 Months … and I’ll Personally Guide You Through My Step-by-Step Process to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader, Create Massive Influence and Build a (Multi-) 6-Figure Business Based on Your Expertise”

Applications are being accepted until 9 pm Eastern on <DAY>, <DATE>

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Ruth Klein Expert Celebrity Branding


Creative Brand Strategist and Executive Leadership Coach


Dear Friend,

You’re an expert in your field, and no one does what you do quite the way you do it.

Now it’s time to turn that expertise into a (multi-) 6-figure business — and influence more people in a much bigger way by stepping into your rightful place as an influencer and thought leader in your industry.

This might involve writing a book … creating an array of information products … becoming a paid public speaker and much more, depending on what your vision of success look like.

But if you’re like many of my clients, your inner Negative Nellie is interfering by saying things like:

“I’m too old.”

“The field is saturated already.”

“It’s too hard to get published.”

“No one pays for speakers.”

“It’s time for me to give up and stop wasting time on this silly dream.”

“You – an expert?”

This is where many people who would be brilliant thought leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants stop dead in their tracks.

A smaller number have learned not to listen to this negative voice. (I hope you’re in this group.) But they just can’t figure out the magic combination needed to create the success they dream about.

You’ve learned a lot. Bought every program you can find on writing, publishing and selling books … and every program on marketing and branding … attended countless seminars and workshops … and implemented a ridiculous number of strategies.

Yet marketing success still eludes you.

You may feel called to serve others … but can’t see how to create a business from what you love to do.

You may recognize that you need to get your name out there more … but still feel uncomfortable positioning yourself as a thought leader.

You may know you need a book … but aren’t even sure what to write about.

You may have a book and other products … but can’t seem to sell them in significant numbers.

That’s where I can help you tremendously over the next 6 months…

Introducing a Unique Marketing and Business Building Mastermind for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Authors and “Best-Kept-Secret” Experts

Hi, I’m Ruth Klein, president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented, strategic branding and marketing firm, and author of 6 best-selling books (all published through traditional publishers). Since 2007, I’ve been coaching, consulting and advising authors and entrepreneurs on branding and marketing strategies to promote their businesses and books.

Now I want to help you.

Specifically, I invite you to join my 6-month Quantum Synchronicity®: Miracles, Manifestation & Money Mastermind so I can personally help you leverage your expertise into a (multi) 6-figure business (including getting a book finished, sold and launched, if you want)…

And then make significant progress on building a multi-million dollar business based on your book.

This program is designed for:

  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to serve others in a bigger way by taking their business to the next level
  • Budding entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their jobs and finally follow their passion to start their own business
  • Authors who want to write more books, faster … get them published by traditional publishers — and then turn them into best-sellers
  • Business owners who are ready to step into their roles as thought leaders … and share their expertise via books, speaking and other means
  • New, future and established speakers who want to get paid well to speak – and enroll clients from the stage

More importantly, the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is…

Designed for Generation Why Not®?

One of my passions and areas of expertise is studying generational differences, particularly in the work environment. I’m utterly fascinated by how economic, political and social events shape the way millions of people behave and interact with their environments.

But I’ve identified a generation that the academics and experts have completely overlooked.

Unlike traditional cohorts, such as the Baby Boomers or Gen X, this generation isn’t defined by age.

It’s defined by attitude.

A confident, optimistic, “I’m-not-listening-to-the-naysayers-and-going-for-my-dreams” attitude.

I call it Generation Why Not®?

I’m a member. And because you’re here… I’m pretty sure you are, too.

We believe that we can create our dream lives. No matter our age, income, education, current job, what society tells us we can do, our success, our failures, our faults. If we can dream it, we can do it.

We scoff at limits. We know in our heart of hearts that if we can dream it, we can do it. And we refuse to stop.

Sound like you? Then the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind will make a massive difference in helping you achieve your dreams of serving others in a bigger way, getting your message out into the world, and even becoming a successful published author and in-demand speaker.

7 Things You Need to Make Your Generation Why Not®? Dream a Reality


  1. Clear & Focused Heart-Centered Intention

You are here to serve the world. Setting a vision isn’t enough for you to achieve success. You need to set an intention that comes straight from your open, loving, gigantic heart. When we work together, I’ll help you set this intention – a vision that will infuse everything you do.

  1. Mental Mindset to Step into Celebrity … and Build Your Business.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs often struggle with the idea of being a celebrity and thought leader. But it’s a vital step. The people that you are destined to help can’t find you when you’re a best-kept secret. You need to raise your profile — through branding, savvy marketing, writing books, speaking on stages and virtual events, and much more. When you become a celebrity within your niche, you become vastly easier to find.

  1. Possibility Belief System

Dreaming is one thing. Being able to take action is something completely different. To do it, you must believe with all your heart and soul that what you dream is possible. You must have a belief system that supports the possibility of your dreams. I’ll draw on my training in clinical psychology and spiritual psychology to help you create the beliefs that support the realization of your dreams – and eliminate the beliefs that hold you back.

  1. Clarity & Self-Confidence to Make Decisions

Taking risks requires confidence in yourself and your ability to turn a dream into reality. It also helps to have clarity – so you can see exactly where you’re headed. With clarity and self-confidence, it’s easy to make decisions and move yourself out of confusion and overwhelm.

  1. Taking the Right Action at the Right Time for Executing

Building a multi-six-figure business is a bit like constructing a tower of blocks. Things need to happen in a certain order to create stability, avoid dangers that could cause a collapse and to hit new heights with ease. Because I’ve been down the path you’re about to travel, I can help you take the right action at the right time.

  1. Building Momentum that Acts as a Universal Push

The more you take action to make your dreams a reality, the more the universe responds. During our six months together, you’ll take more action than you’ve probably taken in the past 5 years. But it will be the right action – action that moves you forward and builds momentum.

  1. A Nurturing Environment on All Levels

The world can be a tough, unfriendly and unforgiving place. We heart-centered entrepreneurs envision things that other people often mock, put down and try to squash. Taking action in the face of such resistance requires nurturing yourself in other ways. You’ll find that the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is a safe place from which you’ll draw inspiration, comfort, motivation and more.

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Which of These Goals Do You Want to Check Off?

If you’re accepted into the program, I’ll work with you over the next six months to make significant progress on — and even complete — a major goal that will move your business forward by leaps and bounds.

You probably have many goals, all of which will be important for your business. Don’t worry – I’ll help you pinpoint which one has the most potential impact. Possible projects may include:

  • Identifying what type of a business you want to start — one that leverages your expertise and engages your passion
  • Brand positioning yourself as the expert in your industry
  • Figuring out what kind of book you should write to establish your platform — and then completing your book manuscript faster and more easily than you can even dream about
  • Helping find the perfect publisher for you
  • Assisting you in selling a lot more books — and even selling them before your book comes out
  • Organizing the content that you currently have sitting on the shelf or somewhere on your computer to leverage and monetize your knowledge into online products, evergreen webinars and other passive income streams
  • Mapping out a plan for growing your team to ensure you have time to focus on your unique gifts
  • Becoming a well-paid speaker – even if you’re speaking now for free
  • And much, much more!

But practical business-building strategies are just the start. I’ll also help you…

Embrace Your Inner Expert Celebrity®

My passion is serving heart-centered entrepreneurs. Not only are they a joy to work with, but lending my skills to help them also helps to uplift and transform the planet.

One of the most powerful ways I will serve you is by helping you unleash the Celebrity Expert® that lives inside you.

Many speakers, authors and gurus dream of being experts because they love the attention and glory.

But not heart-centered entrepreneurs. They don’t want their egos stroked. They want to serve. They often feel uncomfortable in the roles of expert, thought leader, maven and guru.

My advice? Reframe.

Becoming a Celebrity Expert® means staying firmly grounded while sharing your expertise with the readers, students and clients who are waiting for – and need – your message. Becoming a celebrity within your niche isn’t something to pursue for personal gratification. You do it because the higher your profile, the easier it becomes for your tribe to find you.

And trust me … they are trying (often desperately) to find you.

Authoring a book is the best way to position yourself as an expert and thought leader.

Authoring a book is the best way to position yourself as an expert and thought leader.

Books offer an affordable way to reach thousands, if not millions, of prospects. They provide instant credibility that separates you from others in your field. They open doors to media interviews and speaking engagements.

In fact, I believe every business owner should write at least one book.

When you join the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind, I’ll help you figure out what type of book you should write … how to get it written quickly and painlessly … and then get it published by a traditional publisher – not lead you down the path of self-publishing.

Self-published books – especially the slim paperbacks that serve as beefy business cards – are fine for marketing your services to your target audience. They serve you in the same way an article or media interview might.

But to be considered an expert with a capital “E” – the go-to person in your niche, the one whose sage advice your prospects instantly respect – a traditionally published book wins, hands-down.

When we work together for the next 6 months, I’ll help you get your book finished if it’s not done – and identify ways to sell more books (even before you publish).

I’ll then walk you through the blueprint for building a book-based, multi-million-dollar business.

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Help You Increase Your Momentum, Income, Influence and Visibility

In addition to being a 6-time best-selling author (published through traditional channels, mind you, not self-published), I am a brand strategist, publicist, marketing maven, professional speaker and book coach. I have master’s degrees in clinical psychology and spiritual psychology. And I invest tens of thousands of dollars a year to be super coached, so I can keep a sharp, innovative and relevant pulse in the book and speaking industry, online and offline media, social media, publicity, business models and more.

Because of my vast business and book marketing experience, as well as my training in Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, I’m able to offer a holistic approach to branding, marketing, publicity, speaking, speechwriting, and everything else you need to do to build a multi-million-dollar book-based business. Blending practical business skills with psychology and mindset is like combining allopathic and holistic medicine. It’s the best of all worlds.

But perhaps the most important thing is that I have personally experienced all of the things that I’ll be training and guiding you on. I’m not a “wannabe” someday author who knows how to write well. I’m an official bestselling author of several books and much more.

Ruth Klein, one of the most creative and professional brand & marketing experts I know, and I have worked together on various projects for several years.

I was so delighted with the example she gave about using Facebook for her 4G Branding Summit when we co-presented at a major teleseminar conference with over 800 participants, that I asked if I could continue to use her Branding Summit as a case study of what could be achieved by a company using lots of ingenuity, a strong brand positioning and a little cash.

Gail Martin
Dreamspinner Communications

Why My Experience Will Give You the Massive Boost You Need to Get Unstuck – and Finally Launch the Business That Will Help You Serve Your Clients

With a Brand Strategist on your team … you’ll know exactly the brand position you need to take to help your clients and students recognize that you’re the expert they’ve been waiting for.

With a Marketing Maven on your team … you’ll slash your marketing time, dollars and efforts in half – while multiplying the visibility you generate for you and your business.

With a Publicist on your team … you’ll master the 3 essential steps to generating free publicity without paying a professional tens of thousands of dollars.

With a 6-time Best-Selling Author over on your team … you’ll discover the insider secrets to turning your book into a best-seller – a proven marketing strategy to gain credibility and celebrity for you and your book.

With a Book Coach on your team … you’ll know precisely what direction and what structure is best for your book to make it easier to write, guarantee that it’ll be well-received by your readers – and includes strategies to transform your readers into paying clients.

With a Professional Speaker on your team … you’ll finally understand how to land paid speaking engagements – one of the best marketing strategies for authors and experts.

With a Professional Speechwriter on your team … you’ll get help writing your speech section by section – and the confidence of knowing that your speech connects to the hearts of your audience and delivers an impact that will make a difference in their business or lives.

With a Multi-Million Dollar Heart-Centered Businesswoman on your team … you’ll know not only the skills – but also the Million-Dollar Mindset – that’s required to create the financial freedom that you know you “should” and could be attracting.

With an Expert in Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Psychology on your team … you’ll be able to effortlessly move past your limiting beliefs and old thought patterns that no longer serve you. I’ll help you drill down to the source of your procrastination, self-doubt and other “excuses” – in a heart-centered and compassionate way.

Ruth has been featured in:

Take a Peek at a Few of the Incredible Things We’ll Work On

  • Identify the Business You Want to Start … and How to Easily Transition from a Job to Your New Career
  • Finding New Ways to Serve More People
  • How to Get a TON of Publicity and Exposure for What You’re Promoting
  • Creating Products and Services Based on Your Expertise
  • Setting Up Evergreen Marketing Systems that Work While You Sleep
  • Writing and Producing More Books, Better Books, Faster and Easier
  • How to Turn a Book Into a Bestseller
  • Generating Referrals from Industry Peers and Delighted Clients
  • How to Make a Six-Figure Income a Public Speaker
  • How to Market and Put On Your Own Seminars or Teleseminars
  • Dealing with Publishers and Agents (The Do’s, the Don’ts and the Insider Secrets)
  • Making $100,000 or More as a Coach or Consultant
  • How to Get More Done in Less Time
  • Secrets to Book Promotion
  • Writing a TED talk or Speaking at Major Conferences
  • Other Marketing and Money-Making Secrets


I am so thankful I wrote my first book with Ruth. With her genius and experience, she helped me simplify and truly enjoy what initially seemed to be a titanic task to me.

I did not only get my book written in record time, Ruth completely changed my mindset about myself and my business!Today I can confidently step into my expert celebrity status and own my worth as a thought leader in my market. I am crystal clear about my branding, my marketing message and the steps I need to take to leverage my experience and knowledge into a new level of income, impact and personal fulfillment.

Thank you, Ruth, for helping me make this happen! Your help was priceless! Without you, I’d still be lingering in the darkness, wondering when I would ever give birth to this book!

Bettina Langerfeldt
Prosperity Coach and Business Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs
The Sleeping Queen – The Divine Awakening of the Entrepreneurial Woman

How the Program Works

The Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is unlike any other mastermind you’ve experienced. Not only will you be working with a brand strategist, publicist, marketing maven, professional speaker and book coach who has advanced professional training in clinical psychology and spiritual psychology, you’ll also get the support and guidance you need to finally create momentum in your business.

You’ll get two 6-hour VIP days with me (Ruth Klein) in Santa Monica, California.

During the first event, I’ll walk you and your fellow mastermind members through a proven process to map out your multi-million-dollar roadmap … detailing everything that you’ll ultimately create to build your empire.

We’ll discuss your brand, your book, future books you want to write, speaking engagements, consulting possibilities, additional products and much more. By the end, you’ll have a crystal-clear vision of what you’re creating, a roadmap to get there – and a list of assignments.

Our second group VIP day, held in Santa Monica a few months after the kick-off, will focus on accelerating your momentum … so you accomplish your primary goal (see below) and start moving deeper into your multi-million-dollar roadmap.

You’ll dive deep into one specific project you want to focus on and complete.

Maybe it’s launching your book and nurturing it to be a best-seller. Maybe you need to work on completing a book manuscript and marketing your book before it’s completed. Or you might decide that it’s best to look for new and effective book marketing strategies … strategies to get more visibility from the media online and offline … writing and searching out a TED talk … or maybe even developing a multi-million dollar mindset.

You no doubt have many competing priorities. Don’t worry – I’ll help you identify where to start when we have our first VIP Day. I’ll also be with you every step of the way as you work on your project. Expert advice, suggestions and guidance will be a phone call, text or email away.

You’ll participate in Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind coaching calls twice a month. This is where I’ll be able to offer you and others in the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind specific advice about the challenges you’re facing (99.9% of which I’ve conquered) as you work on your primary goal. You won’t want to miss these calls. Not only can you jump in the hot seat to get my personal attention, you’ll learn loads by listening to the coaching I offer to others.

One of our monthly calls will be devoted to supporting you on moving forward with your project. The second call will deliver Quantum Synchronicity® Mentoring on the Multi-Million Dollar Mindset and the Law of Abundance.

You’ll also be working on your multi-million-dollar roadmap. Whether it’s raising your profile, building an online following, developing new revenue streams or getting publicity for your book, I’ll be helping you keep your eye on the bigger picture and take consistent action to grow a thriving business based on your expertise — and book.

You’ll get access to a library of online training videos on productivity, time management, money secrets, and sales. Discover proven strategies to help maximize the time you have available to share your expertise, while increasing your ability to get your message in the hands of your students and clients.

You’ll connect with other Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind members in a private Facebook group. This is where you can get feedback on your ideas and writing, ask questions, share your hard-won lessons and get emotional support from other conscious entrepreneurs who share your passion for serving the world. RUTH – I made this up. Do they get anything of the sort?

You’ll have emergency support when you need it. Most of your interactions with me will come in group settings. But sometimes, you may need personal attention in a hurry – and I’ll be there for you. RUTH – I made this up. Do they get anything of the sort?

Apply Now

Ruth Klein is totally invested in the progress and outcome of each individual, she is totally committed to being on task and getting to the heart of the issue – bringing great clarity and focus to the word at hand. Her nurturing demeanor and crackerjack brain promote quantum evolution in yourself, your limitless belief system and your brand. Ruth is a GEM!

Callie Duritsa

Register Now to Get 3 Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1: Professional Help Pitching to the Media

When you’re in the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind, a member of my team will be monitoring news that could possibly tie in with your topic. When the opportunity crops up, we’ll help you pitch to the media by email. One media mention can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity … making this bonus priceless!

Bonus #2 Facebook Advertising Secrets – Available Only If You Register By DATE

A dear friend of mine is an in-demand Facebook specialist and entrepreneur who works with <what kinds of companies – including names we’d recognize>. She’ll be joining us for a special training, where she’ll reveal her closely guarded strategies for increasing your Facebook following – and converting your followers to paid clients! If you’ve ever feel that social media is a time suck that produces little to no ROI, you can’t afford to miss this.

Bonus #3 Twitter Growth Strategies – Available Only If You Register By DATE

I have a second mystery guest – an author with more than 100,000 Twitter followers – who will share his proven approach for increase your Twitter following. Better yet – you’ll be attracting real people (a.k.a., potential readers and customers) – not growing your following via spamming. A robust and growing Twitter following is essential for demonstrating to publishers that you have a platform.

Why Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Rave

In life most of us are blessed with special people, some are friends, business partners and even family members. Sometimes these people are only in your life for a season and then there are those who are there for a lifetime.

But I have had a double whammy blessing! Ruth Klein was my marketing person in the early 90’s when I owned a beautiful Spa in California, we had a blast working together! I left California and had not spoken to or seen Ruth in 18 years and as life would have it, things happen right when you need them. Ruth just happens to be in Austin Texas speaking and doing her magic. It was as if I had seen her yesterday. I have a new career now and needed sound advice on how to proceed and was stuck on how to do that.

Ruth showed me how to proceed and I got six new clients to coach with their health and vitality almost immediately. Now that’s what I call the Ruth Klein ‘Magic’

Thank you so much for knowing your client and their needs.

Venus DeMarco
The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta’s
(Healed by Grace and on a budget)

It has been a pleasure to work with Ruth Klein, President of The Marketing Time Source, in branding of the Chromadex line of BluScience Products. Her expertise contributed greatly to this brands’ success in the market place. Ruth is a brilliant branding strategist and it has been an absolute pleasure partnering with her on this project. She is extremely professional and has excellent relationship skills. She has the ability to bring such a high level of creativity to the table and still expedite the branding process. In this case with Chromadex, we started with a clinically studied ingredient and she assisted us in the process of…

Creating a new brand name for the line as well as the sub-brands for six different products from start to finish within less than 90 days.

Because of Ruth’s ability to move through this process very quickly while still staying focused on our overall vision, we were able to launch the BluScience brand into national retail within 6 months from our start date which is literally unheard of. With Ruth’s assistance, we were also able to stay within our original budget since this process was done within our projected time line We at Product Placement Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very successful business relationship our companies have forged and we look forward to working on many similar projects in the future.

Tricia Weldon
President and CEO
Product Placement Inc.


Words can’t begin to thank you for ALL of YOUR brilliance and sharing it so graciously and generously with us!!

It has been a wonderful experience of growth and clarity! I am SO excited about bringing my voice to others to be of service to them and their families!!

I can’t wait to see you in Austin at the conference!

With MUCH gratitude!

Marcia Clark
Living & Lasting Legacy Coach

Ruth has given me invaluable guidance, suggestions, organizational gems and accountability to keep me on track.

When my inner critic was judging myself, she helped me redefine productivity to include the inner journey of reflection time that I so needed to take for myself to leap to another level of transformation.

Visionary Spiritual Leader
Animal Mystic
Intuitive Mentor

A Special Savings for Inaugural Members

Clients routinely pay me $25,000 and more to coach them privately.

But I know that this investment is not feasible for many budding experts who are struggling to create a 6-figure income from their book.

Being able to serve more people in a more affordable way is what inspired me to create the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind.

Ultimately, tuition will be $10,000.

But for those who join the inaugural session will save significantly…

Option 1: 4-pay plan – Put $1,600 down plus 3 installments of $1,600 30 days apart.

Option 2: Pay in full – Invest only $5,500 (a $4,500 instant savings) when you pay by <DATE>.

Apply Now

My biggest challenge before working with Ruth was not being clear about my message.

I knew what I did and how it changed my clients’ business as well as them personally, but was unclear how to put it out there.

Working with Ruth helped me become clear about what I do then create my Signature “WORK SMART – EARN MORE™” Speech and Signature Programs!

Since working with Ruth my message is heard loud and clear by my audience of Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. They now refer to me as an Efficiency Expert and Productivity Coach instead of a just a Business Coach. I am more clear when I describe how I can help my future clients and this has made an incredible difference in my success!

I am grateful to Ruth for her caring nature along with her process and expertise. Thank you so much.

Tammy Rowland
Productivity Coach & Efficiency Expert

Apply Now for Consideration

Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind members are accepted on an application-only basis – first-come, first-considered.

Step 1: Fill in this short questionnaire to tell me about your business, your goals and the challenges you’re facing.

Step 2: After your application has been reviewed, you’ll be invited to schedule a 30-minute interview with me. These conversations take place on the Zoom platform.

Step 3: At the end of our chat, I’ll tell you if I think the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is the right fit for you. If it is, you’ll be invited to place your deposit and complete your enrollment.

Whether you’re ready to finally step into your role as an Expert Celebrity(R) … you’re struggling to get your book written and published … or you’re trying to leverage the book(s) you’ve already written, The Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind will help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of as a respected thought leader and published author.

Applications Close at 9pm Eastern on

-DAY- -DATE- -2017-

Why Put Off What We Can Start Creating TODAY?

You’ve worked for years to get where you are.

But what you’ve done hasn’t been enough to establish your brand, build a massive following, get a book published – or generate the revenue you deserve.

Let’s face it. Most people in your position would toss in the towel. (And who knows, you may very well have some people in your life encouraging you to do just that.)

But if you hear a voice whispering (or shouting) inside, saying “Why not? Why can’t I make this dream a reality?” …

The Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is for you … and I’d be honored to serve you.

Let’s see if we’re a fit. Submit your application here.

If you’re on the fence, know this…

Your tribe is waiting for you.
But they can’t find you, because you’re not out in the world enough – yet.

You need a platform and best-selling book that catapults you to the status of Celebrity Expert(R). A brand that clearly and instantly defines what makes you unique and resonates with your ideal prospects. And a roadmap to leverage your unique life experience and expertise into the multi-6-figure business you deserve.

The time to get started is now. Apply today.

Here’s to your business – and your brilliance,


P.S. Because of the intense time commitment I make to each Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind member, I’m accepting only 12 members right now. Apply now to avoid missing out.

Before coaching with Ruth in her Expert Celebrity Branding Program, I had been a very successful Certified Financial Planner, but I was now struggling with how to transition into a “financial coaching business”. I had been working hard and having some success with private coaching, but I was finding it very difficult to describe what it was that I was now doing and I was losing my confidence.

It was Ruth’s innate ability to laser focus and help me get to the heart of my branding personality and message that created a seismic shift in my business and…

Within 4 months, I created and launched my first program that made money.

No other program or coach had done this for me.

As a result of her expert guidance and caring support, I was able to articulate clearly who I was here to serve. With a clear message, I received a phone call for my first radio show interview, which was followed by a speaking engagement to 400 business women business owners and flurry of media spots.

I am now doing what I love, having fun and enjoying success with a radio show with over 100,000 subscribers, a global community of Smart Women and changing lives. I now refer all my clients to Ruth for to help them shorten the time to getting known as an expert in their field. My advice for those thinking of working with Ruth is: don’t hesitate.

Katana Abbott, CFP®,
Prosperity Coach and Founder

Q: Can you really help me build a 6-figure business in 6 months?

A: It depends on where you are, what components you have in place, and how hard you work your plan.

What I can guarantee is this: At the end of our six months together, you’ll have a detailed plan for hitting multiple six figures in your business. And you’ll have one – if not more – major initiatives completed.

Let’s find out what those initiatives will be for you! Apply now.


Q: Can’t I just work with you privately?

A: You can. But I don’t recommend it.

Being connected to and surrounded by a community of like-minded souls is a proven way to increase your focus and accelerate your success. If we work privately together, you lose access to the brilliance and support of other Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind members.

In addition, it will cost you more. Much more. Private coaching packages start at NUMBER. At only as little as $5,500 for the entire 6-month membership, the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is a much better investment … leaving you more funds to invest into other aspects of your marketing.

To lock in this lowest-ever membership fee, apply now.


Q: What happens after 6 months?

A: We’ll sit down and review where you started – and how far you’ve come. We’ll then decide whether it makes sense for us to continue working together.

Since I’ll be weeding out those for whom the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind isn’t a good fit during the initial application process, I fully expect that you’ll be invited to continue. If you opt not to continue, then your spot will open to someone new. But as long as you continue to participate fully in Generation Why Not®? Mastermind, you’ll have the option to renew.

Ready to get started? Apply now.

Q: Why do I have to apply? Can’t I just sign up?

A: The Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind is a unique experience that is just as much about how I can serve you with my unique skills and expertise as it is about what each member contributes to the group. Because I’ll be working with each member closely, I want to make sure I’m investing into people I know I can help – and who are ready to take massive action. I want to make sure you’re ready and in a place to take advantage of all this experience has to offer to you.

After you apply, we’ll have a short Zoom interview where we’ll have the chance to get to know each other better and review your goals. If we determine that the time is not right for you to participate, you’ll be placed on a special pre-approved list and have the opportunity to join the Quantum Synchronicity® Mastermind in the future.


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Featured In
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“I’ve been buried in business as a result of the many ideas you helped me put into place.”

- Dottie Jakobsen