A special message for published and future authors who want more visibility, celebrity and money with their books.

Discover What It Really Takes to Build a (Multi) 6-Figure Business with Your Book — and STOP BEING THE BEST KEPT SECRET

When you first started writing your book, you wanted to be a best-selling author – rich and famous.

You dreamed of selling hundreds of thousands of copies of your book … getting massive media interest and publicity for your book and your platform … greeting huge lines of excited readers during a nationwide book tour … landing lucrative speaking gigs … generating record-breaking sales of your programs and services … and enjoying a huge surge in income while actually working fewer hours.

But that’s not what’s happened, is it?

Instead, you’ve experienced one or more of the following …

Which of These Book Marketing Challenges Are You Facing?

  • Your book sold well in the first few months … and now sales have slowed down substantially
  • It's no surprise this may sound all too familiar to you ... but you are not to blame and here's why ...
  • Only a handful of readers turn out at your book tour stops …
  • Your book tours and media appearances produce tepid bumps in sales
  • You’re surprised by how much work goes into promoting a book (leaving you wondering whether you ever want to do this again)
  • You struggle to articulate what your book is about – or what change and value you offer
  • You’re seriously starting to think that you’re wasting your money and time promoting something people don’t want
  • You’re overwhelmed by all there is to properly write, publish and market a book – and skittish about continuing

    If you recognized yourself in one or more of the scenarios above  … yet you’re not ready to toss in the towel on your dream of being a successful, wealthy book author …

    Clear your calendar now for October 30-November 1, 2015 … so you can join me in sunny Los Angeles, California, for Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing & Red Carpet Live!

    During this 3-day workshop, I’ll show you how to stop being a “best-kept secret” – and become an Expert Celebrity™.

    You’ll discover the proven strategies that work today to attract your ideal clients, land coveted speaking engagements, and easily create a 6-figure (or multi-6-figure) business from your book – even if you’re a new author, have a manuscript, or are only thinking of writing a book.

women clutching book

Let a Visibility Marketing Maven and 6-Time Best-Selling Author Show You What Really Works

Ruth Klein

Hi, I’m Ruth Klein … a top visibility and marketing maven, 6-time best-selling author, and president of the award-winning Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented performance strategic branding and marketing firm for experts and entrepreneurs.

I help experts, authors & entrepreneurs become thought leaders in their industry and create 6 and multi-6 figure businesses around their book. My passion is helping people who have important messages to share – callings, really – articulate, package and successfully share their gifts with the world … in ways that produce generous income streams for them, while massively changing the world.

My authors have hosted PBS Specials, received tens of thousands of dollars in paid speaking gigs, and created 6- and multi-6- figure businesses all centered around their book and expertise.

I’ve appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine and have been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, and Washington Post Online – to name a few.

I’m able to guide and support my clients to achieve incredible success with my “Trifecta” approach: Thought Leadership Branding, Creative Marketing, Heart-Centered Writing.

Now I want to apply my twenty years of experience at the top of the book publishing business to help you create the book and business you dream of – and deserve.

Meriflor Toneatto


"Before joining the Write It, Launch It and Live It! program I was already a published author. The trouble was I wasn't sure how to leverage my message, reach my ideal clients, and how to monetize and create an enterprise with my book. In other words, I didn't have a strategic plan and got caught in the trap of "Now What Do I Do?"

During our very first session, I was blown away at Ruth's ability to help me connect the dots and utilize all my brilliance, expertise, and experience in a powerful way. In fact, within 24 hours of our call, I enrolled a new VIP client!

I can honestly say that working with Ruth has transformed me and my business. I have learned that:

Everything must be in alignment with who you are and what you do;

Writing a book is a beautiful way to share your authentic voice and brilliance; and

It is critical to have a strategy in place before starting your book and not trying to create it after the fact.

Most of all, I learned the importance of having support and not trying to do it on my own. I have implemented all of Ruth's guidance and so far, I'm celebrating that I've created a book that I am so proud of.


I am grateful for saying YES to myself and seeking expert help to build an enterprise based on my book. I am also very grateful to you, Ruth, for your wisdom, intuition, and support. You helped me connect the dots and leverage my brilliance and vision as a thought leader. You have an added special quality of being a "magical alchemist" because not only did I create an important and timely book; I also created the enterprise of my dreams. Now that's a winning combination!"

Meriflor Toneatto, powerwithsoul.com
Women's Prosperity Expert & Author

Introducing Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing &

Red Carpet Live!

Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing & Red Carpet Live! is an exclusive, 3-day workshop that gives you the step-by-step roadmap for building a multi-6-figure business from your book.

During this intimate event, which takes place October 30 through November 1, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, you’ll discover easy-to-use strategies that you can put to work immediately to:

  • Make powerful, lasting emotional shifts about book marketing right on the spot (Once you release these hidden blocks, marketing your book will become fun, easy – and effective)
  • Crack the code on how to FINALLY own your expert value (I’ll help you uncover and articulate exactly what you do for clients … and recognize the massive value you deliver to the world)
  • Unlock the heart-centered message that will fuel you with passion – and resonate deeply with your target audience (this is your soul’s purpose – and where successful book marketing starts. Use it to inspire your writing – and magnetize your marketing)
  • Eliminate the fear, anxiety and resistance that’s currently preventing you from properly marketing your book and increase your business sales (If you’ve ever wished that the marketing could take care of itself or if you feel it’s a chore, you won’t want to miss this)
  • Discover how fun and easy it is to market your book … so you actually look forward to and enjoy this aspect of your business (Yes, it is possible!)
  • Create more visibility and media presence (As any entrepreneur knows, media coverage is phenomenal for getting the word out about your book)
  • Expand your author platform and become known as an Expert Celebrity™ (Becoming a thought leader is key to generating 6-figures+ with your books)
  • Gain access to easy and proven book marketing secrets that you can begin applying immediately – so you can begin selling more books and high-end business programs with confidence


Emma Tiebens

Your ideas today are worth over $100,000 for me this year

"Talk about maximizing my time! Ruth, you gave me so many ideas on the potential of what I can actually do so THANK YOU!!! Your ideas today are worth over $100,000 for me this year!"

Emma Tiebens, therelationalmarketer.com

...both new and traditional, and is able to communicate that to others in an unparalleled fashion.

"Ruth Klein has a unique grasp of media, both new and traditional, and is able to communicate that to others in an unparalleled fashion. If you're ready to promote your brand to the world, Ruth Klein can show you how. I highly recommend her."

Joanne McCall, joannemccall.com
Creative Book Publicist

This Event is PERFECT For You If...

Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing Live! is designed for any aspiring or published author who wants to sell more books, become known as a thought leader, and build a multi-six-figure business from books.

Which of these statements sound like you?

  • You wrote your book, spilling out all of your great stuff … and you want an easy-to-follow, proven book marketing strategy.
  • You wrote a book and it sold well the first few months. But now sales have slowed down substantially … and you want to jumpstart your book sales and visibility.
  • You have a book and you want to know how to enroll high-paying clients from it.
  • You want to know what book marketing strategies will work most successfully with your personality.
  • You want to receive media requests for interviews from television, radio, influential bloggers and others.
  • You’ve written a book and now you want to know how to leverage it into high-paying programs and products.
  • You spent a lot of time writing your book and now want to know how to leverage and monetize each chapter and sub-title within each chapter.

If you said “yes” to one (or more!) of the statements above … reserve your spot at Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing Live! now.


Ruth holds that the process of creating, building and managing great brands requires a carefully orchestrated interplay between inspired creativity and analytical thoroughness.

"For more than 20 years, N.NEBROSKI has used intuitive business development strategies in the A/E/C industry to leverage its clients’ position to thrive, not just survive. However, we were unable to bring about a clear picture as to what our brand, N.NEBROSKI, had metamorphosed into.

During the first 20 minutes of Ruth Klein’s branding exploration, my deeply held core principles which guide me in every engagement started to take focus on paper.

Ruth holds that the process of creating, building and managing great brands requires a carefully orchestrated interplay between inspired creativity and analytical thoroughness.

Ruth showed us how creating a great brand is a matter of knowing both where and how to look … for hidden truths … unmet customer needs… concealed opportunities.

Ruth was able to take the N.NEBROSKI brand and drive it by connecting us both to the heart and the mind, to emotion and reason in equal measure. She was able to craft and express my ideas through inspiration, creativity, and then applied it to a careful understanding of rational and emotional drivers of preference and loyalty.

You will have to form your own opinion of Ruth Klein, but my suggestion is to engage her services only if you want immediate and lasting results."

Norm Nebroski

Take a Peek at the Most Important Things You'll Discover

Each day of Expert Celebrity™ is jam-packed with practical strategies you can put to work immediately to begin generating media buzz, expanding your reach, and increasing book sales. Unlike many book marketing events, where you get highlights from a parade of experts … I’ll be your primary teacher throughout this entire 3-day event.

Day One — MARKETING: Market Like an Expert … Whether You’re an Introvert or an Extrovert

Marketing success begins in the mind. During this fun and exciting day, you’ll master in the “inner game” of book marketing success – and embrace the concept of being an Expert Celebrity™.

Mastering the Million-Dollar Author Mindset

  • 9 core elements of a book marketing mastery mindset that will powerfully position you as an expert celebrity, while increasing your income
  • Release past marketing mistakes and upgrade your self-image about the sales conversion process
  • How to stop feeling marketing anxiety and start to feel emotional peace with marketing (I promise you this can happen!)

Developing Your Marketing Personality

  • Find out why personality is essential to good marketing and branding
  • Learn how to use the power of your personality to say "YES" and finally give yourself permission to make more money, minus any guilt, fear or shame
  • What are the best marketing strategies if you’re an introvert or an extrovert? Discover how to leverage your natural strengths to become a more effective marketer
  • Uncover your unique Marketing Personality … so you can develop a successful and unique marketing style

Uncovering Your Expert Celebrity™ Message

  • What makes an Expert Celebrity™ … and how do you rate right now?
  • Learn how to get crystal clear on your one-of-a-kind purpose-driven story and your uniqueness – the critical elements to developing your own brand
  • 5 simple ways to turn your expertise into something tangible for your clients so they say “yes” to working with you

Moving into Action

  • Unviel the 4 types of marketing decisions you must make every month for your book and in your business
  • Find the amazing link between marketing your book and your intimate relationships (once revealed, both will immediately improve)
  • Learn “Well of Opportunity” Sequence Model … start enrolling clients on Monday using these four basic steps

Day Two — MEDIA: Attracting Traditional & New Media for Visibility & Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning

With the mindset mastered, now it’s time to start exploring how to reach and work with the media – successful authors’ secret weapon for reaching prospects and exponentially increasing sales.

Jumpstart Your Visibility

  • The 5 easiest strategies to increase your visibility in traditional and new media (I’ll show you how to invest time and create momentum where it counts)
  • Get the secrets to easily snagging media interviews that are low-hanging fruit (yet that most authors overlook)
  • Learn the one pivotal way to spend your time that makes visibility marketing a certainty

Working with the Media

  • 10 ways to get publicity for free or on a shoestring (you don’t have to pay high monthly fees for publicity if you know where to look and who to contact – you’ll be trained in both)
  • Make it easy for the press to interview you – and what the media are really looking for (I’ll show you exactly what to include in your press kit to eliminate feelings of confusion and overwhelm)
  • How to leverage social media to expand your reach, engage your audience and attract the attention of new & traditional media

Leveraging Publicity to Generate Revenue

  • 7 simple strategies to increase client leads from the media (you’ll be amazed at what they are and how easy it is to get)
  • How to leverage every visibility marketing strategy for your book to increase revenue in your business, while freeing you to live with passion and serve more clients with your message
  • Discover which single visibility marketing habit – customized for your personality and brand – will make reaching your income goals this year totally reachable

Day Three — MONEY: Monetizing Your Book into a Minimum of Six Figures Plus

Expert Celebrities™ know that book royalties are only one way to generate revenue from a book. Discover how to fully reap the rewards of your hard work as an author.

How to Earn More from Your Book

  • How to monetize each chapter in your book – and in some cases, your subtitles as well (you’re going to love this!)
  • Ways to sell multiple books while attracting hundreds and even thousands of dollars in your business
  • Find out how generating small increases in just 4 simple areas of your book marketing business will create exponential growth in your income

Get Paid What You’re Worth

  • Give yourself a raise with empowered boundaries (you only need one to make a big difference in your monthly income)
  • 5 proven ways to get off – and stay off – the monthly roller coaster of money fear and overwhelm
  • Step into new pricing that accurately reflects your true value

Producing More Revenue from Your Media Appearances

  • The secrets to monetizing a book tour – live or virtual (for most authors, book tours are expensive, exhausting, self-funded marketing campaigns that produce little ROI. Discover how to beat the odds and make money on your book tour)
  • Building a following on social media is one thing. Converting your fans into high-paying clients is another game altogether. Discover the secrets of generating big revenue from your social media marketing
  • Learn how to adapt your media kit to land paid speaking gigs (I’ll give you a template, including one for an Expert Celebrity™ bio)
  • How to find new clients through personality-based marketing locally, nationally and internationally (stop being satisfied with media mentions – and get prepared to generate significant income from every media appearance)

Scripting to Make Selling Easier

  • The anatomy of a sales conversion close that’s in alignment with your personality (the more comfortable your sales conversation feels, the more successful you’ll be at closing the deal)
  • A word-for-word script to close a sale for introverts – plus a separate one for Extroverts (You’ll confidently know what to say when you’re talking to potential clients)
  • A word-for-word script so you know exactly what to say when marketing high-end programs based on your book’s message
  • A word-for-word script so you confidently know what to say when you’re ready to make bulk book sales from your presentation
  • Word-for-word scripts that obliterate objections … so you can enroll clients authentically and confidently
  • 3 additional bonus scripts you can use to position yourself when speaking with the media for interviews.

The strategies you’ll learn will help to immediately begin generating more income.

And if you haven’t published a book yet? Don’t worry. Not only will you learn things that will help you launch your book to greater success … you’ll also learn things that will help you improve your existing branding, marketing and revenue!




Reserve your ticket to Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing LIVE and if for any reason you are not able to attend, you have up until 60 days before the three day workshop begins to personally ask for a refund. We will refund your ticket purchase, less a modest $50 bookkeeping fee. You may prefer to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague who may attend in your place. There is no additional charge for this.

I want you to know that your happiness is my top priority! I want you to participate fully and learn as much as possible. If, by the end of the first day, you feel I'm not delivering on what I promised, just turn in your materials, exit the workshop and we will refund your ticket tuition within 30 days. I'm that confident that you will receive more than promised and that there is nothing out there that comes close to teaching book marketing and strategies to monetize your book, to what you're going to discover with me. I want to help make your decision to attend Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing and Red Carpet LIVE! a very easy one for you!


I am that confident that this book marketing training will be life-changing for you, your book and your business!


Daily Panels Give You Access to "From the Trenches" Expert Guidance
To round out everything I’ll be teaching during this content-rich workshop, each day will include a panel discussion with other industry experts.

Day 1 Panel: Learn from literary agents and producers who take books to film, as well as screenwriters who are selling their screenplays. Get their insights into how to properly position and pitch your book.

Day 2 Panel: Engage in Q&A with social media experts who attract thousands of qualified followers each month, a mobile app expert, bloggers and other media representatives. Discover what’s really working today in traditional and social media.

Day 3 Panel: Three of my favorite clients will share their best practices for a lucrative business based on their book marketing.



Dates: October 30, 31, November 1, 2015
Participants: Authors, Financial Planners, Doctors and Health Professionals, Coaches & Entrepreneurs
Location: Beautiful, sunny Beverly Hills, California
Hotel: Inter-Continental Hotel: 2151 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Closest Airports: LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
Arrival: Be sure to arrive by the evening of Thursday, October 29th, 2015
Departure: After 7pm Pacific Time on Sunday, November 1st
Special Room Rate: $239/night (Discounted from $259+). Rooms can easily be shared.
Livestream? NO livestream option will be offered. You must attend live to get this training.
Bring a Friend? You’re welcome to bring a friend, colleague or a member of your team at a BIG SAVINGS. Bring-a-friend tickets are available right now for just $97. Details are on the “Thank You” page once you reserve your ticket.

And you start up that mountain and you're determined to get to the top and you're going it all by yourself and it's tough ... And then one day around the corner comes this smiling joyful person and she's a guide. Her name is Ruth

"Imagine yourself trying to climb a mountain. And you're in pretty good shape and you think you can climb that mountain. You've looked at the other people who have done it and say 'I can do that.' And you start up that mountain and you're determined to get to the top and you're going it all by yourself and it's tough. And then one day around the corner comes this smiling joyful person and she's a guide. Her name is Ruth. And this woman has been up and down that mountain quite a few times and she knows the path and she says 'Hey, come on. I'm taking five or six other people up the mountain. Why don't you come and join us and I'll take you on the path.'

Anne Doyle

And you get in there and you go up that mountain with somebody who knows the way and you're with other people who are going the way and support you too. And it made an incredible difference and it was a joyful journey to be going up the mountain with somebody who knows how to get there."

Anne Doyle, annedoylestrategies.com
author of Powering Up! How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders


Choose the Red Carpet VIP Experience for Fast & Dramatic Shifts

Your income mirrors what you believe on the inside about yourself. And likewise … what you experience on the outside tells your unconscious mind that you’re worthy of success.

One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to start programming your mind for greater financial success is to create wealthy, luxurious experiences for yourself. These experiences give your mind a very tangible, emotionally rich “feel” for what it’s like to be wealthy and successful.

With that in mind, I’ve designed an incredible Red Carpet VIP experience to give you a delicious taste of what it’s like to be a highly successful author.

When you opt for the Red Carpet VIP experience, you’ll receive:

  • Interview on the Red Carpet: This is your opportunity to get interviewed on a real Red Carpet, Expert Celebrity™ Style. You will be able to use the interview for your website, YouTube, eBook... and a lot of other strategies I'll be sharing with you. (The interview will happen on Day 3. So don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of time to learn, practice and hone what you want to say before you’re in front of the camera!) (A $500 Minimum Value)
  • Professionally videotaped on the Red Carpet: The VIP Red Carpet video will be an excellent opportunity for you to generate social media followers, as well as use on your online media kit. (This would normally cost you over $1,500 to produce professionally.) (A $1,500 Minimum Value)
  • "Paparazzi" taking photographs of you: This is your chance to have paparazzi taking pictures of you Expert Celebrity™ style. It’s the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your social media author platform & marketing ... in real time! (A $250 Minimum Value)
  • Bonus LIVE Q & A Lunch Session with Ruth: I’ll join you LIVE for one of the lunches exclusive to RED Carpet VIP Ticket holders. I’ll share with you even more personal insights on book marketing, business strategies and more media attraction ideas. This is an incredible opportunity to soak up my first-hand, behind-the-scenes details of how I run my high multi-six-figure business! (A $250 Minimum Value)
  • Early Registration & Preferred Seating All 3 Workshop Days: No need to stand in line or battle your way to the best seats. Celebrities always get rush service and best seating – and as an Expert Celebrity™, you’ll get the kid-glove treatment, too. (A $250 Minimum Value)
  • Pre-Workshop "Book Marketing Insights" Training Call: Get a jumpstart on your Expert Celebrity Book™ Marketing experience by joining me for this pre-workshop training call, exclusive to Red Carpet VIP Ticket holders. You’ll discover fresh insights and a new mindset to re-ignite your passion for marketing and get your visibility on track. (A $250 Minimum Value)
  • Red Carpet VIP Ticket Drawing: A chance to win a professionally written & distributed press release. (A $750 Minimum Value)
  • Post Workshop Follow-Up Q & A Call: Continue deepening your book marketing, visibility and money mindset and action plan with this live Q&A call where you can ask your book and marketing breakthrough questions and get my personal coaching. The clarity, insights and a-ha opportunities in this valuable time with me are going to jumpstart you into amazing momentum ... which leads to increased productivity. (A $250 Minimum Value)

This incredible package delivers an extra $4,000 of value – including practical tools you can start using immediately to generate buzz and social media presence.

At only a modest $297 more than a general admission ticket, the Red Carpet VIP experience is an affordable investment in your business – and a priceless investment into the development of your successful author’s mindset.

Due to the time-intensive nature of some of these special VIP bonuses, however, only a limited number of VIP tickets are available.


Consider this: Your income mirrors what you believe on the inside about yourself... and what you experience on the outside that tells your unconscious you’re worth of success.

3 Powerful Bonuses
to Simplify Your Book Marketing


Whether you opt for general admission seating or make the smart decision to upgrade to the Red Carpet VIP Experience, your registration package will automatically include these 3 value-added bonuses:


Get my proprietary EXPERT CELEBRITY™ VISIBILITY MATRIX TOOL – 1 page "at a glance" checklist so you can build up your book brand and your business brand with consistency, simplicity and ease. This includes my weekly book marketing questions that keep you calm, focused and in control with your book marketing flow.

You'll love how this simple 1-page MARKETING MATRIX TOOL eliminates marketing confusion about what to do in marketing your book like a smart, savvy and Expert Celebrity™.


Numerous Press Release TEMPLATES, word-for-word conversation SCRIPTS, detailed, helpful CHECKLISTS and more are ALL included with your workshop ticket.


Word-for-word conversation SCRIPTS, detailed helpful CHECKLISTS and more are all included with your workshop ticket.


Discover your Expert Celebrity™ Marketing Personality that is the key to unlocking your relationship with marketing. Then, throughout the three days you’ll tailor every exercise, tip, strategy, script, checklist, tool, breakthrough and action step to YOU and your marketing personality, empowering you to enjoy marketing for the rest of your book and business life.

No other workshop offers this profound and highly accurate tool to help you create insight and action that transforms you and your book marketing at your core!



Instantly Save $2,000 & Get an Extra
Bonus When You Register By October 14

If you’ve ever hosted your own live event before, you know that it takes a lot of work to fill seats – and that live events are fairly expensive to produce.

Waiting to generate enough registrations to even cover your costs can be nerve-wracking. And with so much going on right now in my business, I’d much prefer to lock in the minimum number of participants that are needed to run the event as soon as possible.

That’s why I’ve steeply discounted the tuition until October 14, 2015, at midnight Pacific Time. (Yes, it’s an “ethical bribe” to get you to take action now … vs. waiting until the last minute to sign up.) Reserve your place now to instantly save $2,000 on the regular $2,500 tuition price.

You'll also receive my personal PODCAST SUCCESS CHECKLIST AND SCRIPTS.

Hosting your own podcast is a great way to build your author platform. I’ll share the checklist I use personally when hosting podcasts – a handy tool that will ensure your podcast goes smoothly and is structured to produce business results.

You’ll also get my personal help crafting your beginning and ending scripts – the messages you use to brand your podcast, clearly communicate your value, and encourage your listeners to take the next step with you.

This practical resource alone is worth $500. But you get it as part of your package if you register by October 14, 2015 at midnight, PST.



And if that still isn’t enough to convince you to sign up now (vs. sitting on the fence for the next few months), I’m going to add one more incredible bonus that I’ve never offered before…

If you’re one of the first 20 people to reserve a Red Carpet VIP Ticket at Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing Live!, you’re invited to a private cocktail reception at my home the evening before the event (Thursday, October 29).

I’ll arrange for a driver to pick you up at your hotel and whisk you away to my beautiful home in nearby Santa Monica for an evening of delightful conversation and delicious food (and yes, extra insights into what it takes to be a successful author).

You’ll get to know me and an intimate group of fellow authors before our real “work” even begins. By the time the workshop kicks off, you’ll feel like you’re in the company of friends.

The opportunity to spend time in such a small setting with any teacher is rare. The chance to actually spend time with an expert in the comfort of her own home is even more priceless.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is having deep, “conscious” conversations with people I care about. I’m so excited to get to know you – who you are as a person and what lights you on fire.

Don’t miss out on this truly one-of-a-kind opportunity. Reserve your place now.

 purchase ticket   vip ticket

Come coach with me at Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing 2015.

Get your hands on the incredible practical and empowering book marketing and expert celebrity™ visibility tools I'll give you.

Here's to Your Book & Your Brilliance,


Marketing Maven for Entrepreneurs & Experts

P.S. Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing is where you'll get my marketing strategies showing you the exact places for your book and in your business where you can immediately begin increasing your income.

P.P.S. If you have ANY questions about if attending Expert Celebrity™ Book Marketing is right for you, please feel free to reach out to my team. We will happily and patiently answer your questions. You matter to us and we want you to feel how much we care about YOU and get your book out and sold. You're welcome to email us at Support@RuthKlein.com.

Get Your Seat Now


"Before I attended your event, I was ready to quit my career. I was so inspired to start my business again... and my life. After listening to you for 3 days, something inside me shifted BIG TIME and within a year of zero income, I have sold a book.


You are a combination of wisdom, truth and business and marketing brilliance."

Sherry Robb, The Robb Company of Writers & Actors
Literary Agent/Talent Management


"Ruth Klein, one of the most creative and professional brand & marketing experts I know, and I have worked together on various projects for several years.


that I asked if I could continue to use her Branding Summit as a case study of what could be achieved by a company using lots of ingenuity, strong brand positioning and a little cash."

Gail Martin, dreamspinnercommunications.com

Shooting Star experienced a five-fold increase after working with Ruth. She immediately saw the potential and marketability of my company.

"She discouraged traditional advertising and helped me market to my ideal clients. The marketing advice Ruth gave me has proven to be quite valuable and the future looks very nice for us."

John Harte, johnharte.com

Within weeks after working with Ruth I had built my business structure, created the first level of pricing, and was taught how to target my perfect clientele. I went from charging $450 to $10,000 per client - a 2,000% increase!

I had my first client within that month. I had my second client 3 weeks after I signed on my first client. My third, fourth, fifth, and sixth client all came not long after. I should also mention every single client I have has come to me. I've not gone seeking any clients for myself.


Candice Bar, Vision Aries Network




I am eternally grateful to Ruth Klein for giving me permission to be free to be me, and to express my soul messages and lessons authentically in my new evolving book.

For 2 years I experienced overwhelm and a stuck state because no matter whom I consulted with, I was still blocked regarding defining my niche and my unique brand. After only 2 meetings, Ruth took me through an elegant process which magically elicited from me my very own authentic niche and brand!

OMG - Ruth's laser-like abilities honed in on drawing out the messages from my soul. I am moving forward unimpeded, at last! All my pent-up energies and messages are being released from my soul and are being channelled into one focused message in my upcoming book. I have so much purpose and vitality that I feel unstoppable!

I am eternally grateful to Ruth Klein for giving me permission to be free to be me, and to express my soul messages and lessons authentically in my new evolving book.


Lynne Vides Katz


Ruth showed me how to proceed and I got six new clients to coach with their health and vitality almost immediately.

In life most of us are blessed with special people, some are friends, business partners and even family members. Sometimes these people are only in your life for a season and then there are those who are there for a lifetime.

But I have had a double whammy blessing! Ruth Klein was my marketing person in the early 90's when I owned a beautiful Spa in California, we had a blast working together! I left California and had not spoken or seen Ruth in 18 years and as life would have it, things happen right when you need them. Ruth just happens to be in Austin Texas speaking and doing her magic. It was as if I had seen her yesterday. I have a new career now and needed sound advice on how to proceed and was stuck on how to do that.


Ruth showed me how to proceed and I got six new clients to coach with their health and vitality almost immediately. Now that's what I call the Ruth Klein 'Magic'.

Thank you so much for knowing your client and their needs.

Venus DeMarco, The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta's


Creating a new brand name for the line as well as the sub-brands for six different products from start to finish within less than 90 days.

It has been a pleasure to work with Ruth Klein, President of The Marketing Time Source, in branding of the Chromadex line of BluScience Products. Her expertise contributed greatly to this brands’ success in the market place. Ruth is a brilliant branding strategist and it has been an absolute pleasure partnering with her on this project. She is extremely professional and has excellent relationship skills. She has the ability to bring such a high level of creativity to the table and still expedite the branding process. In this case with Chromadex, we started with a clinically studied ingredient and she assisted us in the process of...

Creating a new brand name for the line as well as the sub-brands for six different products from start to finish within less than 90 days.

Because of Ruth's ability to move through this process very quickly while still staying focused on our overall vision, we were able to launch the BluScience brand into national retail within 6 months from our start date which is literally unheard of. With Ruth's assistance, we were also able to stay within our original budget since this process was done within our projected time line. We at Product Placement Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very successful business relationship our companies have forged and we look forward to working on many similar projects in the future.

Tricia Weldon, Product Placement Inc.
President and CEO


You told me exactly what I needed to hear...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the most loving, no-nonsense business-intuitive who speaks the truth you wish someone would tell you! You told me exactly what I needed to hear in a way that went straight into me like words of power should, no overlay of syrup or bite, just what's needed to get you going. That's a phenomenal gift! I have set a date for my coaching program launch date.

I sat down after our call and in four hours had planned a whole launch progression including 2 workshops, 4 content-laden free calls, a low cost virtual gratitude ceremony this Saturday and a virtual meditation retreat.

Elizabeth Andes-Bell
Yogi, Energy Therapist and Spiritual Teacher


I am writing again daily because I have renewed clarity and purpose.

I was stuck, I'll admit it, before I talked to Ruth Klein. I had stopped writing because I couldn't figure out how my life story was going to help someone else. Ruth told me 2 things: it was ok, whatever happened in my story, because that made me who I am and that telling my story teaches other people to embrace who they are, no matter where they've been or what they've done.

Thank you Ruth for opening the gate for me, for the inner permission and purpose I got from those 2 statements. I am writing again daily because I have renewed clarity and purpose. A great coach shines a light for us when we can't do it for ourselves, and that is Ruth.

Sukoshi Rice, Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho
Personal Wellness Coach