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4G Branding LIVE!

Click here to Join Ruth at 4G Branding LIVE!

4G Branding LIVE!
Nov. 7, 8 & 9, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

4GBranding LIVE!

80% of last attendees increased their biz substantially… covers branding, personal-based marketing, conscious publicity and more!

During this three-day interactive workshop, we are going to laser focus on your Brand & your Marketing. You’ll get coaching from me on the spot and I will show you step-by-step how to create a powerful and impactful personal and business brand that attracts your ideal clients, attracts the media and attracts a 6-figure income…doing what you love to do in a financially and spirit-driven business

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Imagine for a moment what your business would be like if you had a unique Brand that had no competition!

At the 4G Branding: The Next Generation Summit, you will learn the strategies for a New Economy and a new Business Shift that affects your Brand…it always has and it continues to do so, but now, there is no space for not getting clear and focused with your Brand.

If you’re doing “business as usual,” I will bet that you are not enjoying the benefits of your business brand as well as the time, energy and cost of doing business “as is.”

The 4G Branding: The Next Generation Summit is all about transforming your Business (or Book) Brand to Create Expert Celebrity ™ Brand Positioning. This Summit will provide you Successful Brand Templates as well as the Marketing, Publicity, Social Media, Generational Marketing, and Productivity Skills that will Reinforce Your Brand and Create the Quantum Leap in Attracting Your Ideal Clients!

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My name is Ruth Klein and I’m an Integrative Brand Strategist and Productivity Coach. I work with professionals, authors, entrepreneurs and business owners all the time… people just like you…who aren’t reaping the benefits of their business – and it’s usually because they have a weak Brand. If your Brand is weak and potential clients/customers can’t find you (let’s say they find you, but your messaging is not clear as to who you are and what you do and how you can solve their problems), my guess is that you’re wasting a lot of time, money and energy!

There is a better way…I guarantee it!

And, that is why I’m inviting you to the 4G Branding: The Next Generation Summit where you will have the tools, skills, templates and blueprint to start transforming your Brand while we’re working together during the Summit!

Here’s to Your Expert Celebrity™ Brand Positioning,

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