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Private Coaching

Business Coach:

Ruth Klein’s expertise as a veteran business owner, productivity coach, business and consumer trends analyst and psychology background will help your company reach the NEXT LEVEL of purpose, productivity and profitability. Go here for testimonials about the results she helps her clients achieve through individual or group coaching custom tailored to specific small and large corporate or entrepreneurial needs.

Take control of your business or organization through Ruth Klein’s innovative strategies, insights and expertise. Create business development strategies that maximize profits. Win new clients and new levels of client loyalty with a specific, winning marketing image for your products and services.

Business Coaching is more than consulting – it focuses on the business as a real life entity full of energy and synergy – bridging the external personality of the company with the internal personality of the company and the one-on-one personalities of employees.

More than 90 percent of people who work for a living do so within an organizational framework. This suggests that not only do most of us work with others, it further suggests that the ability to function effectively with others as a team is a critical component of success in today’s dynamic and changing business world.

Personal Coach:

The success of Personal Coaching lies in identifying and supporting individual strengths and suggesting specific action-oriented options for overcoming individual weaknesses and developing personal strengths. Coaching is a proactive relationship that helps the individual to identify, clarify and achieve personal and team goals. Ruth Klein will help you meet performance expectations and open up new learning opportunities with personal coaching tailored to optimize outcomes based on your exact needs.