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Are you ready for more focus, direction, organization and growth toward the next step in your business?


Are you ready to transform your expertise into a celebrity branded business… yes, and even a book?

Welcome! You’re in the right place if you want to create a Personal Brand and Business Brand that is authentic to you… how to differentiate yourself with the magic that you do is here within these pages… Expert Celebrity™ Branding!

I’m Ruth Klein and I’m a Soul-Centered Brand Strategist, Marketing & Publicity Guru and Productivity Coach, author of six best-selling books, have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a master’s Degree in spiritual Psychology; love to tap and ballroom dance, am a mom of three incredibly wonderful human beings and president of a non-profit organization for children and young adults called The Universal Mom.

Oh… and I love drinking coffee while reading The Wall Street Journal and having meaningful conversations and reflecting for hours over great food and wine!

Would you like to be known as the Thought Leader and Expert in your industry, receive the recognition and financial success you deserve for your expertise and attract more ideal clients who will easily pay for your products or services because they see the value you bring to the table?

Would you like to create an authentic branded business while sharing your message to a much larger audience who understands what you have to offer?

My mission: “To inspire entrepreneurs, experts and authors to connect and align with their Personal Brand and Business Brand Brilliance, while taking action in their business as they create a richly purpose-driven, productive and profitable business… all while sharing their expertise and gifts with others and making this a better world for it.”

Your time is Now!

This is the time for you… small business, entrepreneurs, experts, and authors… to create a personal brand and a business brand that empowers you to use your skills, experience and talents and transform all of this into successful and profitable businesses… doing what you love doing and bringing your voice in helping others around the world.

The new economy… the new rules of marketing and publicity are all here to help you leverage technology and create a spirit-driven and profit-rich business brand and business.

You have the opportunity to learn from a recognized conscious leader in the personal brand and business brand industry.

I receive calls daily to help identify the personal brand and business brand for small businesses, entrepreneurs, Fortune 1000 companies and authors. Everyone has a brand even if they don’t know what it is… it can either stand out so that others who can use your services and products know about you or… your brand can go down the brand hole… never to see the light of day.

Over the past twenty years, I have received the honor of an award-winning business, being interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, O:The Oprah Magazine, been on CNBC and other stations; been a spokesperson for the likes of 3M, Tupperware, AOL online, and many other household brand names.

What does all of this have to do with helping you with your personal brand and business brand? Everything! How your brand shows up in the world determines how you attract clients and the media… rather than the old way of running after business. I don’t know about you, but that approach never resonated with me. I would rather have a clear brand and show up authentically and build the relationships with potential clients, the media, communities and so much more.

While you may be hoping to make more money, have more clients and get your voice out to many more people, none of this will happen for you until you receive step-by-step coaching and training on:

– How to stop trading dollars for hours and leverage your brand value

– How to identify your powerful and authentic brand so you can attract your Ideal Clients who see you as a business that can help them.

– How to position your personal brand and business brand so you can attract ideal, higher-paying clients and eliminate trying to convince clients to work with you.

– How to become more productive while leveraging your time and working less hours.

– How to write a compelling and authentic brand statement and marketing message.

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What Others Have to Say

“My company experienced a five-fold increase in business after working with Ruth.”

- John Harte