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Saturday, 22 November 2014

For Business and Consumers

Welcome! You’ve reached the starting point to your results-driven resource for proven Strategic Online & Offline Marketing, Time Management and Productivity consulting, personalized Branding and Business & Consumer Trends. Ruth Klein can help you better manage your business, employees, time and technology to more quickly reach your professional and personal goals.

“My company experienced a five-fold increase in business after working with Ruth.”

Imagine a business where you gain new clients, maintain existing customers, become the expert in your field who attracts media coverage, turns prospects into clients and finds more time in your day. Ruth can guide you through proven marketing and time strategies so that you can grow your business and thrive.

Ruth Klein, owner of the award-winning boutique firm, The Marketing/Time Source, is a nationally renowned business consultant, author, speaker, trainer, spokesperson and coach for clients ranging from Solo-Entrepreneurs to “Corporate Entrepreneurs” ™ to the Fortune 500. Clients applaud her expertise at how to quickly capitalize on emerging business and consumer trends, upswing in employee communications and motivation, and productivity skills. The author of the monthly The Ruth Klein Report also is the go-to consumer, employee, employer and lifestyle coach in her trademarked role as the nation’s De-Stress Diva.™

Quoted widely by major print and broadcast media outlets around the country, Ruth Klein is a veteran business owner with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and the author of five books on time management, marketing, sales and ‘de-stressing’ for business, family and personal success. For a glance at her new books go here.

“I live by your books – they are a daily inspiration and motivation.”

“I’ve been buried in business as a result of the many ideas you helped me put into place.”

Strategic Marketing, Time Management & Productivity, Branding Out, Sales Motivation, Business & Consumer Trends

Ruth Klein offers strategic consulting, coaching, training, seminars, spokesperson opportunities and media/consumer outreach encompassing online and offline marketing, business/personal branding, sales motivation, time managament and productivity and trends analysis designed to maximize results.

Health& Fitness, De-Stress, Lifestyle Cycles, The Power of Self-Confidence, Positive Parenting, Cooking Healthy & Quickly

Ruth Klein will help you integrate a balanced and healthy lifestyle by guiding you to develop our own unique De-Stress, Time & Productivity Chart, as well as healthy lfestyle strategies. Ruth helps you reach your goals while living your values! Listen to Ruth’s radio show Time Management Secrets for your Work Life, Your Home Life, Your Personal Life, Your Financial Life and Your Love Life.

“Ruth can really make a difference.”

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Become a PBS Sponsor and/or Advertiser for the popular Ruth Klein series of online newsletters, television and radio reports, seminars and services to maximize your reach and results. Ruth Klein also is a sought-after Celebrity Spokesperson who can win you praise and new profits for enlisting her wit, unique expertise, style and keen intellect to best represent your products and services.

For more information on becoming a PBS Sponsor for Ruth’s upcoming “Time Management Secrets,” The Ruth Klein Report, De-Stress Diva™ Online Magazine or Take 5 with Ruth Klein. For sponsor opportunities, go here.

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